Meetings: Governing Body (meeting in common)

The Governing Body (or Board) has overall responsibility for ensuring that the CCG operates effectively, efficiently and economically. It meets in simultaneously with the Governing Bodies (or Boards) of the other Clinical Commissioning Groups in Leeds in public and makes important decisions on the CCG’s plans, its performance and how it manages its finances. Board members include a mix of NHS clinicians, managers and lay members. The Governing Bodies have established several formal Committees, to which they have delegated some of its responsibilities.

Audit Committees (meeting in common)

The Audit Committee reviews the CCG’s financial reporting and internal control mechanisms and its arrangements for ensuring good governance. The Audit Committees of the three Leeds Clinical Commissioning Groups meet in common.

The Terms of Reference of those committees can be found here.

Remuneration and Nomination Committee (meeting in common)

The remuneration and Nomination Committees of the 3 Leeds Clinical Commissioning groups meeting in common and make decisions or recommendations about the pay and conditions of the Chief Officer and other senior staff.  The Committees also approved HR policies.

The Terms of Reference of these committees can be found here.

Upcoming meetings

Past meetings