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Statement of Involvement – April 2016 to March 2017

Over the last year, we have sought views about NHS services from those who live in Leeds. The Statement of Involvement provides an overview of the engagement activities that have taken place over the past year (from 1 April 2016 until 31 March 2017) and includes a summary of what people told us and what we did in response to hearing those views.

Diabetes foot care

Materials for GP practices in Leeds on diabetes foot care

Pharmfax Lights

Pharmfax Lights highlights recent medicine traffic light classifications in Leeds. For full details of traffic light classifications and the traffic light list visit http://nww.lhp.leedsth.nhs.uk/common/guidelines and Leeds Formulary http://www.leedsformulary.nhs.uk

Future in Mind: Leeds (Local Transformational Plan, 2016-2020)

Our vision is to develop a culture where talking about feelings and emotions is the norm, where it is acceptable to acknowledge difficulties and ask for help and where those with more serious problems are quickly supported by people with skills to support those needs. The Future in Mind: Leeds Strategy and underpinning Local Transformation Plan sets out how we will achieve this. Future in Mind: Leeds is a single overarching strategy, underpinned by the Future in Mind: Leeds Local Transformation Plan. This strategy brings together the Leeds response to the recommendations from the Department of Health’s publication Future in Mind (2015) and its duties within the Children & Family Act (2014), in terms of the SEND requirements for pupils with Social Emotional and Mental Health needs.

Commissioning Strategy

Our strategy is focused on the key priorities identified for our population but also links in with other key plans in the city such as the Leeds Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

Patient Empowerment Project evaluation of the first year

Through the Patient Empowerment Project (PEP), GPs or other healthcare professionals can refer patients to range of community-based services. These services help patients self-manage a wide range of health and social issues ranging from conditions such as diabetes to poor emotional health. The services support patients in either a group or one-to-one session to help them develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to look after themselves.

Leeds Local Transformation Plan for Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing

Leeds Local Transformation Plan for Children and Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing is a five-year strategic plan to deliver whole system change to children and young people’s emotional and mental health support and service provision in the city. The plan incorporates priorities from primary prevention through to specialist provision and focuses on improving both children and young people’s experience and outcomes. The plan is a “live” document and will be refreshed on an annual basis.

The patient leader programme

Find out more about our patient leader programme including the role of patient leaders, the difference they make, the support we give provide for them and how you can join the programme

Your local health services

This handy booklet has information about longer GP opening hours in west Leeds, flu vaccination, opening hours for your local GP practice, Pharmacy First and how you can get involved with the CCG

Operational Plan and Strategy

This document refreshes the CCG's Strategy proving greater detail on the plans and investments that we will make in the coming year to progress our strategy.

Financial sanctions

Each quarter, we must publish details about financial sanctions. These are sanctions that are applied when any of our major providers has failed to achieve national standards set out in their contracts. We have a duty to report individually on sanctions for all of our contracts, whether we are the coordinating commissioner or not. We only need to report on sanctions that exceed £1,000 and where a sanction is applied only annually, the position will be reported annually. We have also indicated how these sanctions have been used for the benefit of patients.

Wheel of involvement 2014-2015

The wheel of involvement shows how we have involved patients in a number of projects within west Leeds as well as citywide.

Maternity Strategy for Leeds 2015-2020

The Maternity Strategy for Leeds 2015-2020 sets out nine priorities for how services in Leeds can support children and parents from conception to birth and beyond

Organisational policies

As part of our commitment to being open and transparent organisation, you can view our organisational policies which include; finance, governance, health & safety, human resources and information governance.

Leeds CCGs quality strategy

The quality strategy sets out the approach of the three Leeds Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to quality in the commissioning and monitoring of services.

Five year strategy for Leeds

The five year strategic plan for Leeds will show you how the NHS in Leeds along with Leeds City Council are working together to improve the health and wellbeing of local people.

Plan on a page

The plan on a page will give you a quick look at what the three Leeds CCGs (NHS Leeds North CCG, NHS Leeds South and East CCG, and NHS Leeds West CCG) are trying to achieve.

NHS Leeds West CCG organisational development plan 2014-2016

The purpose of our organisational development plan is to set out how we will meet the development needs of the CCG and our workforce so that we are better equipped to deliver the reforms set out in the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and our clinical commissioning strategy 2013-2016 and related objectives.

Patient assurance group terms of reference

The patient assurance group exists to ensure that; all commissioning proposals are developed with appropriate and sufficient public engagement plans and activities, and all commissioning proposals are reviewed from a patient and public perspective.

Engage Magazine

Our magazine includes interviews, news and information for the west Leeds area.

NHS Leeds West CCG constitution

The CCG is statutorily responsible for commissioning a range of healthcare for its population. In making commissioning decisions for its population, the CCG must be able to demonstrate that its decisions are made openly and transparently, that patients and the public are at the heart of these decisions and that these decisions are clinically led. This Constitution sets out the arrangements the CCG is putting in place to discharge its statutory duties and ensure that its decisions are made in the manner described above.


We are one of 211 CCGs across the country led by local GPs and other health professionals that were established under the recent NHS reforms, and have taken on NHS management responsibilities for planning and buying (commissioning) local health services for their local populations.

Vision values and aims

This report outlines the process, findings and outcomes from a series of stakeholder events to develop the vision, values and aims of the organisation.

Patient Assurance Group meetings

We have recruited some patients from our GP Practice Reference Groups to form a Patient Assurance Group. This group looks at commissioning plans and proposals, and offers their advice and comments to say whether we have made sufficient plans to involve and engage patients and the public.

Governing Body meetings

NHS Leeds West CCG meetings are held bi-monthly. Members of the public are welcome to attend any of the public sessions. Agendas and papers for these meetings will be published on this website one week prior to each meeting.

Expenditure over £25k

As part of our commitment of being open and transparent organisation, we have published any expenditure over £25,000 since April 2013.

Declaration of Interest

This Register of Interests (Register) includes all interests declared by GP members and Governing Body Members of NHS Leeds West Clinical Commissioning Group (the CCG).