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Consultations and public engagement exercises are central to putting NHS Leeds West CCG residents at the heart of decision making around their health and social services.

We want you to be involved in decisions which determine how healthcare is commissioned by NHS Leeds West CCG. We actively encourage patients, residents, and community organisations to take part and contribute to our work. Taking part in consultations and public engagement exercises are an important way to have your say on issues that affect you.

Open consultations

Carers - Information, Advice and Support Service

The contract with Carers Leeds will end on 31st March 2019 and we have to make sure that we adhere to the law in terms of identifying a service provider to deliver the service after that date. This means that through 2018 there will be an opportunity for organisations, including Carers Leeds, to submit an […]

Diabetes - Foot Leaflets, Reader Group

If you are interested in being more directly involved with the Reader Group you sign up to do so here. Below you will find eight documents that will be used to inform patients about diabetes and the effect it can have on people’s feet.  There are four different documents in two sets (4 x standard and […]

NHS England consultations

NHS England aims to improve the health outcomes for people in England. It is responsible for overseeing the budget, planning, delivery and day-to-day operation of the commissioning side of the NHS in England. NHS England is increasing transparency in the NHS and improving services for patients. They work with NHS staff, patients, stakeholders and the […]

Closed consultations

Acronyms - Acronym Buster, Reader Group

If you are interested in being more directly involved with the Reader Group you sign up to do so here. Below you will find a draft of a proposed ‘acronym buster’. There has been a request on several occasions from patients and patient champions for a document that helps detail the acronyms that are used in […]

Antibiotics - Awareness Campaign

A citywide initiative to encourage people to only use antibiotics when needed and educate around the use of antibiotics.

Anticoagulation - Patient Survey

Anticoagulant medicines reduce the ability of the blood to clot. This is necessary because if the blood clots too much, then clots can block blood vessels and lead to conditions such as a stroke or a heart attack.

Armley - Community Wellbeing Partnership

Our aim is to improve the health and wellbeing of the local population. We want to do this by making sure that separate services work better together as one team in local communities. We also want to make sure that local front line workers, together with local people, decide on health and wellbeing priorities for […]

Asthma - Childhood Asthma

What do we want to do? We want you to find out how we can help children with asthma to look after their condition. We are looking for the views of children, friends of children and parents and teachers of children with asthma. What does it feel like having asthma? We want to know a […]

Bariatric Pathway - Patient Information Forms, Reader Group

If you are interested in being more directly involved with the Reader Group you sign up to do so here. Below you will find three proposed information sheets from the Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust (LTHT). The information is guidance on bariatric pathways. They are patient information sheets that clinicians will be handing out. We are […]

Bereavement Service - Adult Bereavement Service Review

NHS Leeds South and East CCG are currently reviewing the adult bereavement service on behalf of the city. They would like to have the views of people who have accessed bereavement services and people who have not.

Best Start Project - Children with Complex Needs

NHS Leeds South & East CCG is currently reviewing a better pathway for children (age 0-5 years) with complex needs on behalf of the city.

Breast Services - Clinics and Services in Leeds

We want to hear from local people to help us develop breast clinics/breast services that most closely reflect your needs. We are currently looking into the services provided at the Leeds Breast Unit based at St James’s University Hospital.  We want to develop a brand new service, designed around the needs of our patients, and […]

Call to Action - Leeds

An open invitation to local people to take part in the national debate about how health services can be best delivered now and in the years ahead.

Cancer - Cancer Care Review Survey, Reader Group

If you are interested in being more directly involved with the Reader Group you sign up to do so here. Below you will find a survey that is will be used as part of a pilot scheme across four GP surgeries. These surgeries will be providing cancer care reviews for patients who have received a […]

Care Homes - Care Homes Scheme Survey

The NHS in Leeds is committed to providing you and your family with the best possible care. We are working closely with care homes to improve access to healthcare for people living in residential and nursing care homes.

Care Homes - Medication Review

Older people in care homes are among the most vulnerable members of our society, reliant on care home staff for many of their everyday needs.

CCG Quality Team - Information Animation, Reader Group

If you are interested in being more directly involved with the Reader Group you sign up to do so here. Below you will find a video of a animation created to help detail about the ‘Qualtiy Team’ in Leeds. The animation has been put together to help patients better understand what the Quality Team does. It also aims […]

Chronic Pain - Service Redesign

What are we planning to do? Before you share your views with us please watch this video to find out more about our plans. This engagement outlines changes we are planning to make to chronic pain services in Leeds. Evidence tells us that the level and impact of people’s pain improves when they are supported […]

Circumcision Service - Non-Therapeutic Circumcision Service

In Leeds, we were the only city in the country that continued to provide non-medical circumcision for male children as an NHS service. The service carried out around 380 circumcisions each year. The service was used by people of different ethnicities, with people from the African and Pakistani community most likely to use the NHS […]

Clostridium Difficile (C.diff) – Patient Information Documents, Reader Group

If you are interested in being more directly involved with the Reader Group you sign up to do so here. Below you will find two documents that will be used to inform patients about clostridium difficile (C.diff).  One document is a comprehensive information leaflet, designed to inform patients about C.diff; where it comes from and how […]

Community - Community Bed Service Review

A new strategy for Leeds community bed service has identified a number of ways that the service could be improved. The proposed changes would see a more simple model of care that would adapt to meet patient’s personal needs and provide a better patient experience.

Community - Community health champions

A scheme aiming to recruit project champions who will signpost patients to relevant support services. The project champion will also recruit and support patient champions (volunteers) to develop their own self-management groups.

Competition - Alphabet Words

We are running a competition for people in Leeds to get out into their local area and show off where they live. We are looking for the best ‘Alphabet Words’ picture. This is where you get pictures of individual letters and put them together in a collage on another image to create the complete pic! […]

Competition - Christmas Card Competition

Winners announced! We are pleased to announce the winners of each category of our Christmas card competition are: 4 – 6 years: Matilda Rutter, aged 6 7 – 9 years: Rosa Carr, aged 8 10 – 12 years: Cara Hughes, aged 12 Thank you to everyone who entered. There were over 300 entries which made judging […]

COPD - Integrated pathway

A project to look at improving integration between the community and hospital respiratory specialist teams, led by Leeds South & East CCG.

Dementia - Living with Dementia

With our ambition to identify, diagnose and support more people to live well with dementia, we plan to add new dedicated staff to local teams.

Dermatology - Leeds community dermatology services

Approximately 1600 people in Leeds use community dermatology services at any one time. The contracts for Leeds Community Dermatology services ended in 2013 and NHS Leeds West CCG is leading on where contracts will be accredited.

Developing our Five Year Strategy (2016-2021) - Feedback from our Deliberative Event

At our event we welcomed 71 people from all walks of life to help us understand how we can meet the different needs of the varied communities we need to commission (plan and fund) services for. To help people understand the key issues we need to consider, when making our commissioning decisions, we asked people […]

Diabetes - Type 2 Diabetes education programme

Diabetes is a lifelong condition that causes a person's blood glucose level to become too high. In the UK, approximately three million people are affected by diabetes. There are also thought to be around 850,000 people with undiagnosed diabetes.

End of Life Care - Health Needs Assessment

NHS Leeds South & East CCG are leading on a health needs assessment on the Leeds End of Life Care Pathway on behalf of all the three CCGs in the city.

End of Life Care – Single Point of Access

We are looking at setting up a brand new free telephone service, exclusively for patients in the last years of life and their relatives / carers to use. The aim of the service would be to improve the care of patients and their relatives / carers and support people in their own home.

Endoscopy - Shaping our Endoscopy Services

We would like to hear from patient and carers who use out endoscopy services in Leeds. We want to make sure that we are providing the right information in the right places prior to your procedure. We would also like to know what people think about where they are seen for their endoscopy and how easy it is to access our service.

ENT & Opthalmology - Community Services, Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

What are these services? ENT services Q1-4 are concerned with all conditions of the ear, nose, throat and neck. Audiology Q5-10 is concerned with hearing and balance Hearing Aid services Q5-10 are concerned with the provision, fitting and maintenance of hearing aids Ophthalmology Q11-14 is the branch of medicine that deals with the structure and […]

Funding - Individual Funding Request

IFR's reflect how the the CCGs make decisions about providing treatments to individuals that are not normally available through the NHS. We are currently in the process of refreshing this policy.

General Practice - Extended Opening Hours

Your GP practice is planning to open longer hours Your practice is a member of NHS Leeds West Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), and in response to what patients have said, the CCG is investing in a voluntary scheme over the next 18 months to increase access and capacity in all its member GP practices. This would benefit […]

Grange Medicare - Changes to New Cross Surgery, Middleton Park Surgery & Swillington Health Practice

Please note that this consultation closed on 24 January 2018. Final reports: Information about the consultation: Grange Medicare Limited provides GP primary care services at New Cross Surgery, Middleton Park Surgery and Swillington Health Practice. In October 2017 we met with members of the patient participation groups at all three GP practices. We outlined the […]

Gypsies and Travellers Consultation

In order to understand why this community is struggling to access health services we visited the local authority Gypsy and Traveller site called Cottingley Springs.  We spoke to residents and we asked people what worked well and what could be improved. They told us that the majority of people wanted it to be easier to […]

Learning Disabilities - Improving Access to Primary Care

We are seeking views from people with learning disabilities, their carers or parents of a person with learning disabilities, to see how we can improve their experiences of using primary care services (access to your local GP practice) within west Leeds. GPs, practice nurses and other healthcare professionals may need specialist skills and communication training, […]

Learning Disabilities - Respite Care Review

Integral to this is the need to engage with service users and carers to: Inform of the proposed changes Discuss options in order to improve the model Understand the views of service users and carers and incorporate these into commissioning plans Outline timescales and inform service users and carers This consultation has now closed. For […]

Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust - Outpatient Letter, Reader Group

If you are interested in being more directly involved with the Reader Group you sign up to do so here. We asked our reader group to feedback on a proposed letter from the Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust (LTHT). The letter is essentially a holding letter where the consultant has viewed a referral and concluded that […]

Maternity - Maternity Services in Leeds

We were looking for feedback from people who were pregnant or have had a baby in the last 12 months. This consultation has now closed and was led by NHS Leeds South and East CCG. For information on the maternity strategy visit the NHS Leeds South and East CCG website. This consultation ran between: 07/11/2014 – 10/12/2014 […]

Medicines - Medicines Management

NHS Leeds North CCG plans to introduce a proactive approach to ensuring people have the best support when taking medicines.

NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Groups Partnership - proposal for a single clinical commissioning group in Leeds

The three clinical commissioning groups (CCG) in Leeds, NHS Leeds North CCG, NHS Leeds South and East CCG and NHS Leeds West CCG are responsible for planning and commissioning (buying) healthcare and health services for local people. Each CCG is a membership organisation made up of local GP practices. The CCGs’ share a common purpose […]

Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) - 1st Annual Leeds Citywide PPG Event 2017

As we look to the future we want to consider how we as a CCG can best support PPGs and how PPGs can help support one another. The 1st event was held at Leeds United Football Club on Friday 20th October 2017. We have set up a working group of interested patients who will be […]

Prescribing - Changing the Way We Prescribe in Leeds

What are we proposing to change? • To not routinely prescribe* gluten-free foods on a prescription basis. • To not routinely prescribe* branded medicines when a non-branded (generic) product is available, unless there is a medical reason. • To not routinely prescribe* a range of “over the counter” medicines on prescription. (*not routinely prescribing – this […]

Reader Group - Reader Group Guidance

If you are interested in being more directly involved with the Reader Group you sign up to do so here. Below you will see a draft copy of guidance for the reader group. The guidance is designed for both staff and patients. For staff it helps them think about the document they are asking for feedback […]

Self Harm - Leeds children and young people

A co-ordinated group comprising of CAMHS, LTHT and the CCGs, formed to bring collective intelligence together and look at how we shape a future model.

Service Improvement - GP Surgery & Residential Care Homes

There are 50 care homes in Leeds West. 15 of these are nursing homes providing 24 hour nursing care. The remaining 35 are residential homes without in-house nursing support.

Stroke - Future of Stroke Services

At the moment, depending on where you live, you might experience different standards of care if you have a stroke. The NHS want to make sure that in the future, no matter where you live, stroke services are giving everyone the best possible chance of a good recovery. Stroke is a life changing event and […]

Urgent Care - Review (2014)

The NHS in Leeds is looking at how we provide urgent and emergency care services and we need your thoughts on this. We also want to find out more about your recent experiences if you have used urgent or emergency care services.

Your City, Your Plan

Leeds City Council is undertaking a major citywide consultation , that has the potential to affect every resident and business within Leeds and every community across the city.